downloadTiek izsludināta pieteikšanās 16 jauniešiem no Ikšķiles novada dalībai Erasmus+ projektā Vācijā un Latvijā.
Termiņi: Vācijā, Wiesbaden (28.10. - 05.11.2018) un Latvijā, Ikšķilē (22.-30.04.2019)
Dalībnieku vecumposms: 14 līdz 18 gadi

Ceļošanas izmaksas: Sākotnēji ceļa izmaksas jāsedz pašiem projekta dalībniekiem. Pēc projekta īstenošanas dalībniekiem 1 – 2 mēnešu laikā tiks atgrieztas ceļošanas izmaksas. Dzīvošana un ēdināšana ir bezmaksas.
SVARĪGI ir atcerēties, ka dalībniekiem ir jāpiedalās ABĀS projekta aktivitātēs (Vācijā un Latvijā)!!!

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Informācija par projektu Angļu valodā:

“WiesPaten international 2018: Diversity - Respect – Cooperation” is the next step in an exemplary partnership and “WiesPaten International 2018: Cooperation”; concludes this model-year in which urban youth aid, schools, businesses and NGOs open up new paths and perspectives for young
people in a broad alliance. WiesPaten is a long-term cooperation with 22 companies, 24 schools in Wiesbaden, the Social Department of Wiesbaden, arco eV, a large number of committed teaching-students and a constantly growing network of international institutions for youth welfare in Partner cities of Wiesbaden and cities whose partnership is still under construction. "Diversity - Respect - Cooperation" represents, on the one hand, official objectives of the WiesPaten program, steping in for tolerance and diversity. On
the other hand, each of the individual youthexchanges is subject to one of these maxims, and the artistic program is adapted to the theme. The wishes of the participants will impact the Program. Their feedback will be gatherd during the preperation of the project and also between the first and second exchangemobility.
“Wiespaten international 2018: Cooperation” is a bi-lateral youth exchange between Germany and Latvia in both countries. In each meeting 32 young people from two countries meet. The creation of a European consciousness is at the forefront of this program. The habit of partnership is cultivated and established. The pupils understand themselves in a great network and see opportunities and connections across the countries of Europe. The project follows an intercultural system, which supports socalising of the participants, self-realization and the learning the personal skills to learn. The project starts with group work and intercultural exchange. With low-threshold interaction and theater pedagogy games and exercises, language animation as well as adventure and team games, the groups are to be brought together and the intercultural dialogue is stimulated. The city and the life-world of the visiting group will be explored trough citybound methodology. The influence of Europe on the lifeworlds of the young people is depicted through the methods and activities. In artistic and youthcultural workshops, the young people are given the opportunity to find
an interest from them and to present their opinions, wishes and ideas about diversity, respect and cooperation, about their homes and the EU. Towards the end of the youth encounter, when the young people are more confident in dealing with their forms of presentation, there will be small actions in the city centre and a final gala-presentation. The presented workshops are circus, plastic art, stage design and performance.